Vampire Blood Kit

A creative drink bag that is perfect for halloween parties! It will set the mood for the party and it will make your home like a vampire den. It is made with food-grade PVC materials that is not harmful for your health. It can store soda, jello, juice and even alcohol however it is not advisable for hot beverages! It has a clip-styled stopper to avoid any spills so you don't have to worry with leaks. This bag has customizable label for blood types A, B, AB, and O. There is also a fill-in box where you can write your names. The blood bag is equipped with a prestamped hole located on the top for easy hanging. The bag measures 31.5 cm x 10 cm and can store up to 400 ml. The set comes in 10 pieces with 10-piece stickers, 10-piece clips and 1-piece syringe that can store up to 60 ml. 

Product Specifications:

Occasion: Halloween
Type: Blood Bag with Syringe
Customized: Yes
Material: PVC
Bag Size:  12.13 x 3.15 In (31.5 cm x 10 cm)
Bag Storage Capacity:  400 ml
Set Includes: 10 pieces bag, 10 pieces stickers, 10 pieces clips and 1 piece syringe that can store up to 60 ml