Shining Tulip

This inventive painting with resin sequins unique luster which is dazzling and shining in the light. A perfect to decorate your living room that can blend and match into different decoration style. The design is a luscious tulips with a hint of pearls. This diamond painting approximately measures 19 x 33 inches  (50 x 85 cm) and weighs around 7 ounces (0.2 kg).

Product Specifications:

Material: Resin
Pattern Type: Plant
Pasting Area: Full
External Packaging: Paper Bag
Canvas Packing Method: Folded
Frame: No
Number of Colors: 1-30
Size: 19 x 33 inches  (50 x 85 cm)
Process: Inlay
Category: Diamond Painting
Weight:  7 ounces (0.2 kg).