Nordifran Seasoning Bottle

This seasoning bottle is made of metal and glass. It also comes with a tray that comes in different colors. Since the seasoning bottles has a glass part, it will show what is inside which is easier to use. The smaller container can store pepper and salt while the bigger bottles can store vinegar and soy sauce. The smaller container has the capacity of 115 ml and measures approximately 5.5 x 11.2 centimeters. The bigger container can hold up to 320 ml and measures approximately 6.8 x 19.3 centimeters. The tray measures approximately 18 x 8.82 centimeters.

Product Specifications:

Style: Seasoning Bottle
Material: Metal and Glass
Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, 
Pieces: 2 large bottles and 2 small bottles with 1 tray