Grill and Barbecue Skewer / 6 pcs

This stainless steel barbecue skewer is heat resistant, rust resistant, nonstick and non-toxic so it is guaranteed to be 100% safe for your health. This needles will help you to easily cook a meal without the excess of firing up a big barbecue. Unlike wooden skewer, it can catch fire while cooking but this one is heat resistant and will last longer. It has a wooden handle so there's no risk of burning yourself. A very lightweight and portable skewer that measures 39 centimeters including the wooden handle. 

Product Specifications:

Type: Cooking Tool
Use: Barbecue Skewers

Feature: Easily Cleaned, Non-Stick, Heat Resistance
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Finishing: Nonstick
Quantity: 6 pieces
Shape: U shape
Material: Wooden Handle + Stainless Steel Needle