Car Organizer - New Leather

This air vent hanging box is a box that is universal and can be attached to 99 of automobile air vents. Use this hanging box to store certain cell phones, coins, cards, sunglasses, keys, headphones and other small gadget. It adopts a durable PU leather material, workmanship and design which is first-class. It can be simply clipped on the air vent, easy to mount, provides easy accessibility to mounted device. It is a small size will almost not occupy much space in your car, lightweight and portable.

Product Specifications:

Item Type: Air Vent Organizer
Material: PU
Quantity: 1 pc
External Testing Certification: CC
Material Type: PU
Item Length: 3 inch (8.8 cm)
Item Width: 2 inch 5.6 cm
Item Height:  4 inch11cm
Item Weight: 2.32 ounces (66 grams)
Item Color: Black