Barbecue Kit Organizer

This 5-piece stainless steel barbecue kit is a combination of knife, fork, spatula, tongs and brush. The knife is razor sharp for easy cutting of meat. A good barbecue fork is necessary for grilling as it will pierce food for flipping, turning and lifting, but won’t shred it. The spatula has holes at the center to spill the oil and easy to turn the meat. Grill tongs let you deftly grab, lift, and turn food without piercing it, and because they have long handles, they keep your hands far from the heat. And lastly, this barbecue brush is made with food grade safe silicone bristles, which doesn’t fray or trap bacteria, like natural bristle basting brushes. To make it more handy, this 5-piece set includes a nylon bag to store these tools

Product Specifications:

Type: Barbecue Tools
Feature: Non-Stick, Heat Resistance, Easily Cleaned
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 5 pieces
Package Include: Knife, Fork, Spatula, Tongs, Brush
Packing: With Nylon Bag