Amanos Can Opener

Amanos Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener + Included Bottle Opener - With Extended Knob and Rubber Handle - Smooth Edges, Extra Safe for Seniors and Children

Free Gift in package - Wine Cork Opener

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STRONG, YET VERY SMOOTH - A fundamental tool in every kitchen, our heavy duty can opener will save you time and struggle. Its stainless steel body makes it an optimum gripper, improved with extra 2 cm on the knob to ensure a firm handle and smooth motion. The Amanos’ opener is doing all the hard work even for elderly arthritic hands, with an extended knob, much easier to rotate.
EXTRA SAFE, LEAVES NO SHARP EDGES - Keep your loved ones safe with this quality tool! Its sharp blade easily cuts through your small or large cans, pop tops or sturdy jars leaving no sharp edges and no jagged metal pieces. It leaves nothing but a shining surface of the lid, allowing you to replace it on the can, to keep the food fresh.
NON-SLIP HANDLE - The long handle is covered in a rubber layer to ensure proper grip even for large hands, while its anti-slip features grant an effortless, quick use. The product is great for commercial use, as the large, soft grip handle solves the problem of easy storage in any kitchen, cafe, restaurant or shop - the result of intelligent, modern and fashionable design.  
RUST PROOF, DISHWASHER SAFE - The manual can opener from Amanos is made to last: highly durable, whether in your personal kitchen, restaurant or on your camping trip. The no rust stainless steel design and rubber details make it easy to wash, manually or in the dishwasher, lasting a lifetime, with proper care.
INCLUDES A MULTITASKING BOTTLE OPENER - This purchase comes with an extra handy tool to take on your trips or to have around: an all-in-one opener for stubborn  wine corks, juices, beer bottles or foil.